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Education is a social process. It can perform different functions in society. The society designs education to play the following five functions in society. These function of education in society are:
  1. Development of personality of individuals.
  2. Transmission of culture.
  3. Preservation of culture.
  4. Socialization of young.
  5. Creation of knowledge.
Besides these general functions, education plays some specific functions in society. Education is considered as a social process. As a social process, it has to play different roles for the welfare and development of society. Sometimes, it has to preserve the societal beliefs and culture; sometimes it has to change them according to the need of society. It is education which also changes the culture according to need of changing society. In this way, it can be said that education has different alternative functions in society. The alternative functions being played by education in society are as fallows:

  1. Conservative function:
This function of education emphasizes on preservation of culture, value system and traditions of the society. It also emphasizes on the transmission of these culture, value system and traditions to the future generations. This function of education is considered as the conservative function on that emphasizes on the preservation and transmission of old culture and tradition.

  1. Progressive function:
Education is a means of development. It is also the carrier of development. All the changes in the field of knowledge are the net sum of research in the field of education. Society is subjected to change according to the change in the field of knowledge. No society can remain in a static condition. It has to change itself according to the need of its context.


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